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Michel LORIER (Father)


« Since three generations, we have been repairing, restoring and personalising string instruments ».

Michel LORIER is born in Saarbrücken (Germany) in 1934 in a family of 9 children of whom 2 brothers are painters and sculptors. His father was known by the German string instrument makers at the Conservatory of Music in Saarbrücken. He was awarded in 1933 during the string-making festival in Vienna ( Austria). In 1975, one of his brothers asked him to finish a sculpture representing the famous string instrument maker Antonio STRADAVARI in his workshop.
Although he never sculpted an instrument, a very meticulous, delicate work where there is no margin for error, it seemed naturally familiar to him and therefore decided to give it a try. The result was just amazing. It is at this moment that he had a « calling ». // More infos ++

L'atelier d'Antonio STRADAVARI